Are you a high school student looking to develop new and exciting skills in bioinformatics, academic communication scientific inquiry while learning more about disease pathology and clinical practice? Apply to the Youreka Canada program today as an investigator! As an investigator, you will work through our 10 week program, using real clinical data to complete a novel project relating to improving cancer prognosis. At the end of our program, you will have the opportunity to show-off your work to professors and professionals at our year-end symposium and publish your work in various student-run and academic journals!

Senior Investigators

Senior Investigators are university students across the country who are looking to build their skills in leadership and mentorship as well as be involved in high-yield inquiry based research in the health sciences. Our senior investigators are the equivalent of Principle Investigators, collaborating with teams of investigators to facilitate projects, ensure the quality of investigator’s projects, and amalgamate their teams data for publication. In this role, our senior investigators can expect to learn techniques in the bioinformatics and in clinical research but also mentor students and help conceptualize the publications that make our program so unique.

Executive Directors

Youreka Canada is actively looking for executive directors across the country who are passionate about biomedical research and youth science literacy. If you are interested in helping run our program in your city, please apply for an executive position today!