Cancer Prognosis Biomarkers



Program Overview

The Cancer Prognostics Stream of Youreka Canada develops essential skills in clinical statistics and cancer pathophysiology. The core outcome of this stream is to identify genetic contributors towards aggressive tumours and poor patient prognostics, followed by analysis of drug sensitivity. Students choose specific cancer types and conduct extensive literature review in order to identify particular genes that may contribute significantly to tumour pathology. Following this, they analyze publicly available patient data with survival information, clinical outcomes and gene expression through advanced statistical methods. With verification of clinical significance of their target, they will investigate large cell line databases to evaluate how drug efficacy may be modulated by expression of their target. Ultimately, students will gain competencies in programmatic analysis, statistical methods and data visualization as well as a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of cell cycle and associated abnormalities.


Program Breakdown:

  • Week 1: Scientific Process

  • Week 2: Target Identification

  • Week 3: Clinical Data Mining

  • Week 4: Survival Analysis

  • Week 5: Clinical Significance

  • Week 6: Drug Targets

  • Week 7: Sensitivity Data Mining

  • Week 8: Utility of Target

  • Week 9: Crash Course - Posters and Presentation

  • Week 10: Crash Course - Writing Manuscripts

    • 1 Flexible Tutorial


  • Cancer Survivorship Clinical Data

  • Cell line Drug Sensitivity Data

  • SPSS Statistical Software and Script

  • Microsoft Suite (Excel, Word)

  • Pubmed and associated literature databases