Financial Analyst

The Youreka Canada Financial Analyst holds an integral role in the everyday operations of the organization. Not only with the Financial Analyst have the opportunity to manage both local and national budgeting and financing, they will also have the opportunity to analyze existing financial structures and explore opportunities for growth. This is a rare opportunity for those interested in finance to hold a top financial role in a national organization.

Program Analyst

The Youreka Canada Program Analyst is one of the top academic positions in the national organization. They will work directly with the Program Director to develop, learn, teach and implement the research program to all our regions. This is a rare and intensive academic opportunity to develop novel research programming and work with promising projects towards academic publications. The Program Analyst is a rare opportunity for those with strong academic backgrounds in the sciences to learn complicated biomedical research and help publish findings. 


Marketing Analyst

The Youreka Canada Marketing Analyst will be at the centre of all national marketing campaigns. They will have top of the line software and a large budget to not only design infographics to be used across the country but also innovative marketing strategies. The Marketing Analyst should have a strong background in graphic design. This is a rare opportunity for those interested in marketing to hold the top marketing role in a national organization.



IT Analyst

The Youreka Canada Information Technologies is the top IT specialist for the entire organization. They will be tasked with the curation, management and implementation of all national web-based resources. There are many opportunities for the Information Technologies Analyst to innovate technological solutions. This is a rare opportunity for those interested in information technologies who desire freedom and funding to innovate.