Our Mission at Youreka


Educate . Innovate . Present

The state of youth research has been dismal in recent years, with a lack of opportunities for students to get involved in higher level scientific inquiry, or an absence of tangible outcomes for these students. In the rare cases that students are afforded the chances to get involved, they struggle to develop the skills or experience for future success, while losing interest in research and scientific inquiry. As such, the primary aim of Youreka is to elevate the level of scientific engagement, by actively bringing enthusiastic students, powerful research and knowledgeable mentors together.

We think that research doesn’t have to be in a lab, with pipettes and reagents. Youreka Canada curates programs where investigators harness data science techniques to generate publishable results.

How We Do It


Youreka Canada runs a one-of-a-kind program through its 6 regional chapters that takes students all the way from the conception of a research project to the formation of academic manuscripts, posters and presentations. Students enrolled in our program have the opportunity to work with real clinical data as well as a host of programs and software used in the research setting, to complete their very own biomedical or public health project. At the end of our program, not only have students completed their very own health science project, but have also learned a great deal about medical biology, statistics and research as a whole. Our focus on developing and involving students in academically rigorous projects means that participating in the Youreka Canada program will yield both a better understanding of the health sciences as well as the tangible outcomes that students are often denied.

Much more than an internship or matching program, Youreka is working closely with experts in the field of design based learning to ensure that our program is scientifically valid as well as a powerful teaching tool for students interested in the health sciences. We hope that by taking research out of the lab and into the hands of students across Canada, we can enhance the learning of passionate students while delivering the results that they need.